We are happy to host ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteers in Kalužníček because we believe all of us can learn a lot from each other. All the volunteers who spent one year of their life in Kalužníček make forever a part of Kalužníček and its community. Kalužníček has been hosting already 10 volunteers – Natalia from Greece, Salvatore from Italy, María from Spain, Ismail from Turkey, Ola from Poland, Ourania from Greece, Laia from Spain, Nikoleta from Greece and now Ludovica from Italy and Cicek from Turkey.

What we offer to the volunteers is to be part of our everyday life in Kalužníček and experience all the things that we accent: autonomy and self – care, free play in outdoor environment (forest, meadows, river, lake), participation and involvement in decision-making, building relationships and much more. We also offer a big community of families and volunteers working in schools in Tišnov and surroundings woth common activities and a lot of initiatives.

What we always get is a great personality that teaches us a lot of things and that can open our minds and broad our horizons. For the team of guides of the kindergarten it´s always a new points of view, new ideas and activities because each one of the volunteers is unique. Thank you!!